Family Takes In A Starving Dog Who Got Into Their House When A Strong Gust Of Wind During A Storm Blew Open The Door

Family Takes In A Starving Dog Who Got Into Their House When A Strong Gust Of Wind During A Storm Blew Open The Door

A family in Philadelphia had a surprise visitor last weekend. When they woke up, they found a sick dog that walked into their house during a storm. They have decided to keep her, and they named her Suzy.

The family decided that they would take care of her and “give her a dignified end of her life"

Sports podcast host Jack Jokinen made a video in which he explains how it all went down. He said his wife woke him up around 4:00 a.m. last Saturday to tell him the news.

She went down to get a pacifier for their 1-month-old baby, and she noticed that there was “a puppy in our house.”

Needless to say that he was confused by this, so he double-checked all the doors and windows and they were locked. The mystery of “how could this happen” was resolved when he went through security camera footage.

Jokinen was walking their dog George that evening, and after returning home, he did close the door, but “something didn’t catch”. And the result was that “the wind blew the door open.”

They were fortunate because about 20 minutes after the dog came into the house, a kind person that was walking by closed the door.

They have called Animal Control the next morning and they were given two choices: leave the dog for the system to handle or take her to the veterinarian.

They have generously chosen the second option, and after the examination, they’ve found out that the dog is 9 years old and has multiple health issues, including flees, damaged teeth, and she was missing a pad on her foot.

That was enough for the family to make a decision to keep her and “to give her a dignified end of her life.”

Jokinen said that he will be opening up his Venmo account for anyone who’d be willing to “help with some of the medical costs,” adding that even if they didn’t get any contributions, “we’re going to take care of her regardless.”

“We’re going to turn this negative into a positive for the holiday season,” he concluded. “I mean, we didn’t expect it, but out of all the bad things that could happen when your front door is open, to end up with a sweet dog who just needs a home … I mean, wow, this could have gone a lot worse.”

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